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Discover How to Find Unshakable Joy in Jesus in Just 30 Days!

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Hey Joy Sister, don't wait another minute.

You can have Abundant Joy in the Presence of Jesus today!

A private mentoring community of women seeking the joy of the Lord in everyday life!

Three Levels of Membership - Beginning with FREE!

If you're not one of the most joy-filled people on the planet, why not?

Of course, as a Christian woman, you should be…

but why is it so hard to find and keep?

…because no one has ever taught you how.

..."Do I have to be taught how to be joyful? Isn’t joy a fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22) that I just walk in…?"

I’ve spent the last 30 years learning to be whole fruit, not just joy, but love, peace, and all the rest. I’ve had to apprehend every scripture like Rom 12:2, be transformed by renewing your mind, and 2 Cor 10:5, take every thought captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ.

…I had to learn how.

Have you ever wondered what the Secret Place of His Presence was and how to get there?

Beloved, when you know the way into the secret place of joy in His presence and treasures forever, you have unlocked the mystery God has hidden away for His hungry ones.

Are you hungry for a deeper relationship with the God of mysteries?

Listen, dear one, like the cashmere scarf I pulled out to wear the other day left balled up and buried in my drawer for a year, it was full of holes…

…moths of unbelief will eat away your faith.

And holey faith becomes a sieve unable to contain joy!

Gal 5:22 says there is no law against the fruit of the Spirit, which means nothing can keep you from living with all of them.

…but first, you must close up the holes of unbelief and doubt.

Do you wonder why you still think negative thoughts or have trouble believing God's word for your life?

What are you left with when declaring God’s word isn’t enough to change your circumstances? How will the joy of the Lord become your strength?

People say, Just Choose Joy. So how’s that working out for you?

Has anyone taught you what joy is?

Joy is an emotion located in the right hemisphere of your brain, along with your imagination, intuition, and creativity…

…But, when was the last time a Sunday morning sermon activated that other half of your mind, not just your reason and understanding?

If moths have eaten away at your faith…

And you keep driving over the same potholes of joyless living…

or seemingly insurmountable boulders of recession, layoffs, disease, and wars keep you in a world of fear…

...it's time to join Abundant Joy Mentoring Community!

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Don't delay. Join AJMC at one of three levels.

LEVEL 1 Free Access includes:

  • Weekly group Zoom sessions with our Joy Sisters (Sisterhood of the Abundant Joy Seekers)

  • Three Monthly Meetings on Wednesdays at 10:00 am PT.

  • Current and past recordings in our membership site.


  • Join LEVEL 1 Free Access!

    Ready to find and maintain the way of joy in the Secret Place with Jesus? With original material from Claudia Klann's workbook, Joy in Living Color, you will learn how to transform thoughts and hidden beliefs keeping you from the Joy of the Lord as you build connection and capacity in community with like-minded women! 👩‍❤️‍👩

    Joy in Living Color Volume 1

    Joy in Living Color–Volume 1

    Hearing the Voice of God to Unlock Abundant Joy in Jesus

    Women's Devotional Prayer Workbook with Expressive Art & Creativity Activations.

    Joy in Living Color is a 142-page devotional prayer workbook filled with love letters from Jesus, audio recordings, scripture, grown-up coloring pages, heart-revealing questions, activations, two-way journaling with Jesus, art therapy expressions, and so much more.

    Find Joy in the Secret Place with Jesus and uncover heavenly mysteries to increase connection with Jesus. The anointing of community opens doorways of friendships around the world and we lift each other up along the way.

    Buy JOY IN LIVING COLOR on Amazon

    Each week, the Joy Sisters complete a session from Joy in Living Color together which means no homework is necessary. We always take time for thanksgiving and praise to celebrate our victories or pray for breakthroughs. Plus, there is plenty of time to share your insights and ask questions. 

    Sometimes, the Lord redirects our plans to whatever is on His heart for that week, and we always follow His lead. 

    Grow together and apply your discoveries from Joy in Living Color–Volume 1. The workbook is necessary.

    Live in Australia or New Zealand? Grab the printable PDf version here.

     🌟 A safe and fun sisterhood to learn, practice, and grow together! 🌟

    Join LEVEL 1 Free Access!

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    You'll receive: 

  • Level 1 Access 

  • PLUS full access to all of Claudia's video course library in Abundant Joy Mentoring Community, worth more than $3,000+ value plus additional content throughout the year!

  • NEW! A once-a-month group Heart Healing Session to live the whole-hearted livestyle!

  • Special Pricing only $24.97 per month, cancel at anytime

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  • secret place in His presence
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  • The Exlusive Level 3 is temporarily closed. Check back next month.

  • For the really hungry Joy Sister

    Join EXCLUSIVE LEVEL 3 and receive:

  • Level 1 and Level 2 Access.

  • PLUS a discounted monthly private heart healing session with Claudia ($125 value)

  • This membership level is extremely limited to Claudia's availability. 

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    Already a Premier Level 2 but ready for monthly Spiritual Journey Sessions?

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    Claudia Klann Slippers Optional
    • Weekly 60-minute Zoom session with Joy in Living Color.

    • Breakout rooms to provide a safe, confidential small group setting for candid sharing, questions, and prayer.

    • Private Facebook group to develop connections and ask questions in between weekly Zoom sessions.

    • Private Member-only site to revisit previously recorded sessions to review anytime you want.

    • Come as you are. Slippers Optional 

    Please Agree to the Abundant Joy Sisters Agreement

    Bring a Joy-Hungry Friend!

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    Claire and Sue Meet Up

    Claire and Sue in England

    Claire and Sue met in our community and discovered they didn't live far from one another. So on one typical overcast London day, meet they did. Now, forever, friends.

    Can you find joy in an online community? Yes.

    Discovering joyful intimacy with Jesus creates the atmosphere for joyful interactions with each other. You will laugh and cry together with like-minded women. There is nothing better! 

    AJMC Zoom Room
  • AJMC Membership includes:

  • Once-a-week Zoom sessions will explore your discoveries or obstacles as you encounter Jesus through the Joy in Living Color workbook.

  • New teaching each week along with breakout rooms for intimate sharing.

  • Each Session is recorded and available in the Abundant Joy Mentoring Membership Site.

  • Monthly membership with access to a private Facebook for community interaction in between Zoom sessions. group. Facebook is not required to participate.

  • Your agreement to The Abundant Joy Sisters  is requested. Click the button to read it first.

  • Special offers only available to AJMC Members.

  • Join Now!

    This is not a course.

    This is a community.

    Let's Go Higher, Deeper, and Wider with God. 

    Together we will go places we never thought possible.

    Real testimonials.

    The "real" is in case you think we make our testimonials up. We don't.

    Suzi Recounts A Group Encounter Experience With Jesus

    His living water flowed through me and reached deeply to a darkened buried space. Jesus said, "Yes, even this, my living water pours over and through you to bring you healing and fullness of life. You are no longer the unworthy, unforgivable, or unaccepted. You are worthy through the covering of my blood and my living waters are endless and forever. My wrap around presence illuminates every darkness you deem unacceptable so that you may always be refreshed, renewed and restored into wholeness of life through my spirit living in you. I am He that loves you completely. You are worthy and valued as my beloved daughter." In the days up until sharing this, the Lord has led me deeper and deeper. It was difficult to condense. Thank you Claudia for leading me through this amazing experience! Such amazing grace! For now I am resting in the letting go as He has vanished the darkness and am leaning into His truths. Like the woman at the well, I too have left my empty jug at the well. Instead, with fullness of soul I go forward

    Suzi D.

    Genice Unlocks Creativity and Destiny  

    Worried that you don't belong because you're not creative or artist? Genice shares her joyful discovery of unknown creativity and a purposeful destiny, both unlocked because she joined our first group. She also tells the vulnerable story of overcoming depression along the way.

    I have no words to thank you enough. I've learned to talk with Jesus. He has shown me things that I've never seen before. Thank you for helping me find the joy in my life.


    I can’t put into words how much I have got out of this! It’s given me a whole new outlook and the confidence I so desperately needed. I actually felt connected with the Holy Spirit and feel seen, heard, and loved.


    Claire Was Nervous to Join, But...

    Claire is shy and quiet and wasn't very familiar with the Holy Spirit or hearing God's voice. If that's you, listen to Claire's personal journey into greater intimacy with Jesus to find joy she didn't was missing. If you're wondering if an online group can help you find life long tools and friendships to help bring the transformation you're looking for, listen to Claire's story.

    How a Retired Accountant Found Joy in a Major Life Transition.

    Karen always made crafts, but never knew that creativity with Jesus unlocks joy until she joined our group. Recently retired with her husband to their small forever home for a life of peace until her daughter and autistic grandson moved in. 

    Abundant Joy Mentoring Community

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