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Living Joyfully in Turbulent Times 3-Day Interactive Study

Ever feel anxious but not sure why?

Is fear keeping you stuck?

Do you procrastinate to avoid the risk of failing?

Has hope deferred made you heartsick?

Are you just plain sick and tired of living without peace and joy?


Living Joyfully in Turbulent Times

3-Day Live Interactive Study

Yes! I want this course

How would it feel to go from

Doubting to Dreaming,

... Giving in to Rising up,

... Fearful to Free,

... Faithless to Passionate?

Dear Woman of God,

Do you wonder how to find peace and joy in a world of chaos? We all know someone who's been effected by sickness, divorce, death, shutdowns, fears of recession, business failures, wars, decaying morality, addictions and more.

It's no wonder joy seems allusive!

Do you ever feel

  • Alone?

  • Rejected?

  • Confused?

  • Unwanted?

Do you struggle with

  • Worry?

  • Anger?

  • Sadness?

  • Guilt?

Are you

  • Grieving?

  • Hopeless?

  • Disillusioned?

  • Worried about the future?

You don't know what you don't know! You can't see outside of the bubble of confusion, worry, or hopelessness. You need someone to see for you!

Claudia Klann - Abundant Joy Coach


Quit Living Without the Joy Jesus Promised!

Discover the fullness of Joy in His presence. Psalm 16:11

Beloved, you are not alone. Many women face the same thoughts and issues as you. I commonly hear:

  • After all these years as a Christian, why do I still struggle with negative thoughts?

  • God didn't keep His word to me? My prophetic words and promises haven't come to pass. Maybe God isn't always good.

  • I can never reach my dreams.

  • I stopped dreaming.

  • I don't know my purpose or destiny.

  • I need to be better or do more–I must be doing something wrong.

  • I need more time and money to do what I desire.

  • I can't celebrate everyone's happy life on Facebook because I feel bad about my own.

  • I'm exhausted from taking care of everyone else and I don't feel very loved or cared about.

  • Sometimes, I feel like a fraud.

  • I know His word and declare it over my life, but nothing seems to change.

  • The world is winning, and I'm afraid whenever I turn on the news–I don't know what to do about it.

  • I know Jesus is the answer but I don't know how to get into the Secret Place with Him?

  • My husband or my children...               

Don't Despair 

  • You'll learn the pitfalls keeping you from the life of joy you desperately want.

  • You'll uncover buried beliefs and lies you tell yourself, so you align with Truth.  

  • You'll discover there is a secret path into the Secret Place with Jesus which is through your right mind.

  • You'll activate your senses to experience Jesus more intimately with fun and engaging creativity encounters. But don't worry, you don't even have to know how to draw a stick figure.

  • You'll leave with tools you can use for a lifetime to connect easily with Jesus. 

In this 3-Day Live Interactive Study

You'll Discover

Living Joyfully in Turbulant Times

Myths and Mysteries of Joy

What is joy?
What are the consequences of a lack of intimacy with Jesus?
How does joy manifest in your life?
How does joy connect to your destiny?
Includes a creativity activation, sharing, Q & A
living Joyfully in turulent times

Blocks and Substitutes

What behaviors and substitutes for genuine joy keep you from the ONE who brings Abundant Joy?
How do joy substitutes form, and how can you find the real thing?
How does unbelief keep you from experiencing Jesus fully?
Includes creativity activation, sharing, Q & A
living joyfully in turbulent

The Way Into Joy

Do you know the way into His presence for the fullness of joy?
What's blocking the path?
How does Jesus fulfill His promise of joy?
What are the steps for living a lifestyle of Abundant Joy?
Includes creativity activation, sharing, Q & A

What are Creativity Activations?

Creativity Activations help you change beliefs and behaviors to bring lasting change that leads to joy by activating the right hemisphere of your mind. No art experience or creative skills are necessary. Bring a black marker, blank white paper, and a pen and notepad, or borrow your kid's crayons, markers, and colored pencils. If you have pastels and a mixed-media notebook, bring those too.

Living Joyfully in Turbulent TimesLiving Joyfully in Turbulent TimesCreative Encounter
Creative EncounterNo Art Talent Necessary
living joyfullyJesus Encounter
Sue creative encountercreative encounter
right brain creative encounterjesus encounter

Sample of creativity activations from non-artists, to creative dabblers, to fine artists.

Everyone has equal opportunity to experience Jesus.

Hear What Others Are Saying...

living Joyfully in Turbulent Times Testimony

Hello I just wanted to testify that this journey has made my relationship with God so much more alive, and colorful . I have got more freedom.

It has also reminded me of my core values, and what I believe in, and I have been encouraged by Claudia. I feel I have been reminded of what life is about in this group.

What, or rather Who, to keep my eyes on. And that that is all that is important. All to contend for. And enough for living. To seek first the Kingdom of God. Although I thought I was so connected. I have also felt my self-confidence level rise.

I have also loved the way Claudia has promoted all her stuff. There has been no 'pushy' way to join in anything. I definitely want to model that. My prayer is that you all would be so rewarded for all this.I have been touched by your humility and your heart. I have also been so touched by the warmth of everyone in this group and the sharing by


Elizabeth B. HeartSync Testimony

HeartSync Testimony

Elizabeth met me in Living in Abundant Joy Facebook group and chose to book a HeartSync session with me. Here is her unsolicited testimony she shared with the group.

Living Joyfully in Turbulent Times

Thank You for leading us into this journey of finding joy in the midst of uncertainty.

I am feeling freer and can’t wait to fly high in my calling.

Thank You Claudia Klann, your ministry was clearly brought to me by the Lord and I am being transformed daily to grow and be able to pour out someday where He takes me


Living Joyfully in Turbulent Times

This is the most amazing opportunity! The teaching is excellent, the encouragement & support is the best of any online class I’ve ever taken, and to be able to choose anything in my art arsenal and just turn loose has been indescribable! The marks on my pages doesn’t appear to be anything in particular but every single time I add something to my pages it is something Holy Spirit is revealing to me! I’m so thankful for this time and direction 


About Claudia Klann

I want you to know that you can have Abundant Joy today!

As your Abundant Joy coach and mentor, I will inspire your journey to unlock increasing intimacy with the greatest source of Joy in the universe -- Jesus. Along the way, you'll break free of strongholds, lies, beliefs, and fears keeping you from fulfilling your joyful destiny.

With a pastor's heart, Claudia has been helping women worldwide find healing for their hearts, get unstuck, and pursue their Kingdom destiny for 30 years. She is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Qualified Heart Sync Minister, Ordained Pastor, Author, and Prophetic Artist.

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